Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stella and Dot

If you are looking for some SUPER CUTE jewelery check out this site:

Cutest stuff ever.  No joke.

Moving On

This is what my classroom looked like when I left today

I cried.  Not a lot, but I did cry.

I loved working at Paul Revere. I was sad to say goodbye to Nancy, Rebecca, and all those great families that I have gotten to know over the years.  I had a lot of parents come up to me and tell me how sad they were to see me go.  I felt guilty and flattered.  It's kind of strange.

So I'm trading this:

For this:
Michael Grindstaff

In the meantime, there is this:


Friday, June 4, 2010

Pin the Tail on the Teacher

It rained on the last day of school.


I had to improvise while we waited for the rain to clear before we went to the park.

Monica came up with a GENIUS idea.

Pin the Tail on the Teacher

There were several close calls

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Betty White, Father Time is Coming For You!

I've just received word via my roommates (and then later confirmed by that ANOTHER Golden Girl has passed away.  


I love the Golden Girls. Sophia makes me laugh out loud; Blanche makes me blush with her brazen sexuality; Rose is the sweetest lady to ever come out of St. Olaf, and I AM Dorothy.  The passing of Estelle Getty (Sophia) and Bea Arthur (Dorothy) was almost too much to bear, but now BLANCHE?  This trend is becoming all too upsetting, and I am genuinely concerned for Betty White, who has just recently hit her stride with the Super Bowl commercial and hosting SNL.

 In all seriousness, I do love that show, I think all of those women are pee-in-the-pants funny, and I really am sad to hear that Rue McClanahan has passed away.  Those women make me pine for a Florida retirement, and I only hope that when I'm old and sarcasting (yes...when...) that I'm half as hot as they were.

In honor of these awesome women of comedy, let's not soon forget the advice of this novelty shirt:

Stay Golden

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tent City

The Lovely Kristy Norrell turned 26.  

I love her because she will make anything fun, and sleeping in tents, an activity that is already fun,  is REALLY fun if you do it with Kristy.  When Kristy turned 15 (I think it was 15) we camped out in her backyard, and a mere 11(ish) years later we constructed Tent City. 

She let me share a tent with her and her husband, but only after shouting at him, 

"ERIC! Don't do anything creepy to Robin in that tent!"  

We share a special bond.

Eric started the evening off right by offending everyone with these shorts

I drank out of a boot

Finally, this joke has become a reality!

I summoned up all things yellow

and I've never felt so powerful!

Blissfully unaware of the creeper that slinks behind them...

As one can imagine, there were some dance moves that go along with this picture

It's possible I could pick both of them up at the same time

And on the most awesome day, God created Tent City

Kelly, Mistress of the Poi

Happy Birthday, tiny friend!
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