Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Kindergarten Teacher, a Rebel, a Lesbian and a Pregnant Lady walk into a Transvestite Bar...

My friend Rebecca is hilarious. 
She is hilarious because even though she is six months pregnant she decided she would like to coordinate a dinner amongst friends at Asia SF, a tranny bar in San Francisco.  All four of us had gone to Disneyland together last summer, and, seeing as how we are suckers for theme restaurants that involve costumes, Asia SF was a perfect choice for a reunion.  We saw some very talented ladies conceal their appendages and dance their butts off, and when all was said and done we couldn't help but ask for a photo op.

This themed restaurant is decidedly different than those found in Disneyland

Slow down on your margarita, Preggo!*
*This pose was meant for comedic effect.  She is not actual ruining her baby.

Not even out of the womb, and little James is already so worldly!

I will MISSSSSSSSSS these women!

Monday, May 24, 2010

For all of the Naysayers!!!

Please scroll through the article to city #10:


Here are the pictures from inside the Monterey Bay Aquarium

A swirl of sardines


and more

and lots more!

Finally!  The mystery revealed! 
The secret is...

they look like coral

and they live with shrimp

Also, there was this.

Secretly, the life of a sea horse is exhausting

 These are cute animals

Look out!

Confused?  Me too.  It can't get much weirder than a cow in an aquarium.

I stand corrected

Turns out the Aquarium is very concerned about climate change.
Makes sense.  If the sea boils, how will they replenish the tanks?

I have run out of clever captions for these.
They are too beautiful.


Sunday, May 23, 2010


Lee and I went to Monterey for the weekend!

Our hotel was amazing!
 The view!!


We are TERRIBLE at taking these kinds of pictures

We went to the wharf and Cannery Row
 Boats on the wharf

Looking across the bay, I thought I saw Salinas.  Gross.

Don't be fooled by this charming exterior

If you look closely, something far more sinister lurks inside...

HEY!  What are those seals doing?!?!!

That's right: 
The candy store was nothing more than a front for a house of sea-animal porn!

 I did manage to buy this taffy.
It tasted like freedom

 The sights at dinner were much more pleasant.  
We saw zero stuffed sea animals having sex.

Later, there was Ghirardelli! 
 Probably this sign is hanging above the gates of Heaven.

Lee went mad with anticipation

While he recovered from his psychosis, I swooped in for the kill.
There was no time for spoons.

Amen.  He must have had the ice cream.

Just when we thought we would never recover from the ice cream, I remembered that my friend from high school, Evan, and his band were playing at a local bar!

 NUHS class of 2002!

 Their drummer wears a bear suit

The following day Lee took me to Lover's Point

Robin and Lee talk about Lover's Point:
Lee: "This is where the fishermen's wives used to wait for their husbands to come home from sea."
Robin: "Oh, that's cute."
Lee: "Yeah, and if the fishermen didn't come home the wives would throw themselves off the cliff into the ocean."
(Robin shoots him a look of disbelief)
Lee: (laughing) "That's what REAL love is."
Robin: "I think you're full of shit."


I'll post pictures from the aquarium later.  
I'm tired from watching all those fish.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

McFadden Graduation Party Version 2.0

Brennan graduated from Utah State University and we celebrated with 3,000 of our closest friends and a beer pong tournament.

My mom had these awesome flowers outside!

Matthew and a glimpse into his future

These ladies used to change our diapers!

This football helmet will always be useful:
I am delicately balancing a plastic cup full of wine on the face guard.
Hands-free wine!
This is the only other socially appropriate picture I could find.

It was fun!
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