Here is my mom.
She is a high school English teacher.  
You think the muffins are done? 
The muffins are FINISHED.

 This is my dad.
He is retired.
One time, he spent nine months in military jail in Vietnam for punching his commanding officer in the face (the reason? "The guy was an asshole.")
He loves to fish.

This is my brother.
He is incredibly tall, big, and white.
So, predictably, he LOVES rap music.
He is also going to be a teacher.


This is my boyfriend.
His name is Lee.
He is in law school.
I put this picture of him up because it is so hilarious and embarrassing. It is at a "Trailer Park" party at a bar called Butter.  You can order tater tots, or, as Lee opted, tall cans of Bud Light.
We live in sin :).

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