Sunday, January 25, 2009

New House!

Happy 2009!
Out at dinner the other night my roommates and I were talking about new beginnings, and we all agreed that we are so looking forward to new things, starting with our new living situation. In honor of starting a new year, my roommates and I have moved into a new brothel/house! We were sad to say goodbye to Bomb, but happy to say hello to a home with a common space: a living room complete with blood red carpeting and dark wood paneling. Basically, it looks like a cougar den/whore house, and I just love it. Now all we need is the leg lamp from a Christmas Story and a tiger fur rug to really complete the look. Our kitchen is all brand new and lovely, which goes umm...nicely? with our living room, which was probably last updated around the same time as the Industrial Revolution. In addition, there is no central heating, but the landlord has thoughtfully installed electric wall heaters in some of the rooms. In order to maintain any sort of livable temperature a room heater needs to be turned on full blast, and all doors to said room must stay shut, creating somewhat of a hotbox effect. Yup, we're well on our way...!

Big thanks to all the people who helped us move in!
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