Monday, June 20, 2011

Some Great Blogs

I've been very busy with packing up my entire classroom and stealing off to summer camp to live in the woods for a week.  This means that I have lots to write about, but that I have even more laundry to do.  So all camp related blogging will happen after the last dirty sock has been laundered and put away, and all of my outrageous costumes have been accounted for.  In the meantime, I suggest you read these blogs:

In Honor of Design
A blog about home decor, fashion, and sometimes babies.  It's cute.

WTForever 21
 This blog pokes fun at all of the crazy stuff Forever 21 tries to sell under the guise of fashion.  Also, the creators are currently being sued by Forever 21 for alleged copyright infringement regarding their brand name.  Sarcastic and Controversial?  I love it.

Fashionably Bombed
Do you wish you could wear cute dresses and drink fun cocktails all day?  I do.  These sisters have somehow managed to pull that off.  Luckies.

Every Day I Write the Book
This is one of those Mormon Mommy Bloggers, but she's not so much preachy as she is hilarious.  She talks about how she's really bad at things that Mormon moms are supposed to be good at.  Plus she reads a lot, and I like her book recommendations.

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